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Still running out of batteries?
The Solution :
Make Your Energy

You are dreaming about a system that allows you to access electricity in a
transportable, autonomous and durable way? Well, we are pleased to announce that
we are developing the system that will allow you to create
your electricity thanks to your movements!

Join the adventure


Tom Sanchez

Prototyping and

Passionate about sports, science and ecology since he was young , Tom seeks to bring impactful projects to life. The words that most define him are passion, dynamism and caring.

Clémence Gay-Perret

Communication and materials engineering

Endowed with boundless energy and curiosity, Clémence very quickly became interested in the properties and behaviour of materials. It is in this field that passionates her that she can express her knowledge within MYE.

Tomas Taut

Conception, prototyping
and organization

His goal has always been to be an engineer, in order to create high-performance and accessible products that improve the daily lives of consumers. His love for mechanics has been put into practice in prep school and it is thanks to MYE that he intends to achieve his goal.

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25 Rue Saulnier
Paris, 75009

+33 7 50 22 86 61

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