8 March 2020

We will explain the progress of MYE

First of all, a BIG thanks :

More than 350 of you answered our survey and expressed your interest in our project. Thanks to you, we now know that :
50% of the respondents want to acquire our product once it is ready and 20% expressed the intention to actively support us in the project. The mobile phone is for you the most relevant product to recharge via our system. This confirms our initial intuitions and we are confident that we will be able to to develop a solution adapted to this device. This first market study is an essential stake in our project, but above all the best way to create the system that best meets your needs.

What become MYE since this survey ?

MYE received funding thanks to the MINDSTART commission, an initiative of the Troyes University of Technology. This funding of 1000 € has allowed us to initiate several pivotal stages in the development of MYE :
- We are now the owner of the name MYE - MAKE YOUR ENERGY, registered at the INPI
- We have initiated the first communication phase of our project, around the values of our project, to begin to reach a wider audience. With this in mind, we have also put our landing page online (
- We have invested in the first elements of our prototype (magnets, 3D printing, copper coils, ... ). We are looking for a proof of concept of the estimates we made numerically. The mechanical part is functional but we still have some work to do on the electrical conversion. However, the results are promising.

We have also applied for several competitions: the Nugget Prize, the X-Impact Tech Prize (Polytechnic Incubator) and the Moovjee Prize. For the latter, we need your support. Qualifications for the finals are based on the number of likes on our Youtube video, a little thumbs up on the following link will give us a better chance to represent MYE and our community:

And the next steps ?

Our wish is to include you in this magnificent development to design an object that fits you 100%! To do this, we will launch our blog in the coming weeks. It will be available on the MYE website. We will discuss topics related to our evolution, and the different paths we are exploring, so you will be able to follow the main stages of the project.

You want more? Join us on social networks and share your opinion and your desires on MYE ! Developing a technical product like ours is a long and complex process, so if you feel like it, come and think with us about mechanical and electrical design problems to move towards energy collection. There is still a long way to go, but we are confident.

Website online !

You can find out the Team presentation, last news and all the Newsletter we have written.