20 July 2020

Some News from MYE-Make Your Energy

You may be wondering how our project is progressing, and what we have been doing over the last few months? Despite the lockdown which has slowed our progress a bit, we've made quite a bit of progress !

This Newsletter is here to est là for your enlightenment :

Prototyping : We are still working hard on the development of our prototype. Unfortunately, the first version did not show the expected results. Indeed, the electrical conversion proved to be less efficient than we had calculated. But armed with our motivation, we have reworked our parts and redesigned our components to create the system that will allow you to generate your electricity: We are doing everything we can to create the MYE battery. Pictures/videos will be published very soon so that you can immerse yourself in the project. Remain connected!

We have also made several 3D renderings of our future batteries. We will soon post them online, and we will need your help: You can vote for the one you like the most, but also tell us how you imagine your ideal battery.

MYE articles launching :

We will regularly put online articles on subjects revolving around our project: The first article is about 3D printing. You don't know this manufacturing method? You will find all the information in a beautiful and synthetic summary available on the following link: As we are currently in the prototyping phase and therefore in the printing of 3D parts, we are very interested in this technology. It was therefore relevant to share some crisp information on the subject with you. After the good feedback we got, we decided to continue communicating with you in this way, so stay tuned! A new article is coming soon (we're told in the earpiece that it's going to talk about power generation), so if you want to quench your thirst for knowledge, follow our news !

A brand new website :

It was during our team discussions around the articles that we asked ourselves the question of how to improve our site. We finally decided to create a new section on our landing page to have complete control over the design and content. In order to be able to reach a wider audience, we also thought of our English speaking friends by making available an entirely English version accessible via this link:

The process of developing our technology is long and it would be too simple to have a working solution so easily, but we know we will get there. Thank you for continuing to support us!

Website online !

You can find out the Team presentation, last news and all the Newsletter we have written.